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Dear Friends of Arizona Faith Network:

In the wake of recent events fueled by strong racist tensions in our country, many of us have turned to our faith in order to help grant us hope and strength in these difficult times.  Our strength also comes from the relationships that we build in the most difficult times as well as in peaceful ones.  Community not only allows us to share our hope that comes from our faith but also guides us as we discern best actions to take in building a better reality.

I have recently had the honor to be in communication with Dr. Warren Stewart Sr., Senior Pastor of First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix.  He and his community have been in discernment regarding how to respond to the difficult racial tensions in our country.  He has authored a letter urging President Obama, U.S. House Speaker Ryan and U.S. Senate President McConnell to convene a 2016 National Summit on Racism in America.  In his own words, “They are the three most powerful political leaders in our nation currently, one Black and two White.  Until all Americans see the cancer of systemic racism as our problem and not just the problem of people of color, I am afraid the cancer of racism will be terminal.

Our AFN Missional Imperatives state that we are to support respectful dialogue which promotes understanding and change.  We ask that you prayerfully consider supporting the call for a National Summit on Racism in 2016. 

It is our hope that such a summit would help promote respectful dialogue and lead to a closer resemblance of what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. faithfully envisioned as the “Beloved Community” a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings.

Blessings and Peace Be With You,

Rev. Erin Tamayo  |  Executive Director
Arizona Faith Network

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Read  Pastor Warren Stewart, Sr’s  Letter for
A Call for a National Summit on Racism in America





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