About Us

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THE ARIZONA FAITH NETWORK is located within the
Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church Office Building

Methodist Center

1550 E. Meadowbrook Ave.
Phoenix,  AZ  85014-4040

Telephone:  602/468.3818
FAX:  602/266.5343
Email:  ContactUs@AzFaithNetwork.org
Website:  www.AzFaithNetwork.org
Facebook: ArizonaFaithNetwork

The mission of Arizona Faith Network, further known as the ‘Organization,’ is to  bring together People of Faith, under the inspiration of God, as a bridge to understanding and action – Being Together, Talking Together, Acting Together.

We have a unique and powerful role to play in the life of our communities. Working together, over many months, with prayerful consideration, the Organization has determined that the following Missional Imperatives place us at the heart of a virtuous cycle, inviting more people to dialogue, action and visible transformation.  As friends in faith we seek to create a social milieu that is built on charity, virtues, mercy, justice, patience, integrity and gratitude.

Those Missional Imperatives are:
Promoting Civil Discourse:  In a state where solutions to persistent social problems are impeded by polarization, individualism and fragmentation, we will facilitate respectful, civil conversations that engage church, government and community in constructive dialogue around issues for the common good.  This model of civil discourse serves as a template for others who seek to maintain relationships while addressing issues that are divisive and will promote mutual respect and encourage new perspectives.

Community Initiative:  We are a living example of the shared commitment that we have to love, respect and promote justice for all people, especially those who are most vulnerable.  Whether we seek to follow the way of Jesus Christ or other noble faith traditions, we will bring, in diverse ways, the values that we hold in common to pray and work together. To that end, we identify our collective energy and resources on a specified geography in collaboration with community partners.  We will collaborate with partners to utilize our collective resources to impact community.

You can contribute to the ongoing work of the Arizona Faith Network by making a donation.

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  • Mail it to AFN, 1550 East Meadowbrook Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85014  (or)
  • Call us with your credit card information to 602/468.3818