Executive Board Member Biographies & Emails


Rev. Michael Diskin, Worship Commission Chair, FrDiskin@diocesephoenix.org
Rev. Michael Diskin, President, FrDiskin@AzFaithNetwork.org

Rev. Michael Diskin was ordained for the Diocese of Phoenix in 1977.  He graduated with a BA in Political Science from Niagara University in 1970 and after spending three years as an officer in the United States Army attended St. Thomas Theological Seminary in Denver where he received an MA in Scriptural Theology in 1975 and an MDiv. in 1977.  Since July 1990 he has served as the Assistant Chancellor and Director for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs for the Diocese of Phoenix.  Over those years he has served in many capacities with the AEC, including a period as Interim President.




Billie K. Fidlin, Vice President & Public Policy Chair, bfidlin@dscumc.org

Advocacy has been Ms. Fidlin’s life work. Ms. Fidlin relocated in October of 1999 to serve the Desert Southwest Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, as Associate Council Director in Care of Children, Youth and Young Adults. This position was created specifically for the purpose of management of outreach ministry to the poor and marginalized for the Conference, focused on Sidewalk Sunday School Ministry. The Sidewalk Ministry is viewed both as a “New Church Start Model” as well as an integral tool for the revitalization of the local church. In 2006, Fidlin’s responsibilities were expanded to conference Director of Outreach Ministries. Fidlin divides her time between Sidewalk, all conference Outreach ministries, and family advocacy at the state legislature, as it relates to the most vulnerable among us. Included in Fidlin’s Outreach Team portfolio: Sidewalk Sunday School Ministries, AIDS Task Force, Task Force on Children & Poverty, Conference Board of Global Ministries, Church & Society, Religion and Race, Status and Role of Women (COSROW), Church Unity & Interreligious Concerns. In 2010 Youth, Young Adults, Christian Education, Camp Programming, & Safe Sanctuaries were added. These areas include annual events of JHC, YPC, Relevance X, Bishop’s Confirmation Retreat and Domestic Violence Response conferences.

Fidlin served as an elected lay delegate to the 2004 General and Western Jurisdiction Conferences, and was elected again in 2007 to serve in the 2008 conferences. In October, 2004, Ms. Fidlin was named “Distinguished Evangelist for 2004” by the Foundation for Evangelism, in Lake Junaluska, NC. This honor is denomination-wide recognition for outstanding achievement in evangelism, and Fidlin was the first lay person to singularly receive the honor in its history. She is a former trustee of the Foundation. Fidlin also assists churches in strategic planning consultation. She has produced six books to date: Sidewalk Sunday School: A Start Up Guide; The Four Most Important Things; Air Jesus…Walking in His Shoes; God Still Loves You … No Matter What; What Can I Do? The Voice of Justice in Sidewalk Ministry Volume One and What Can I Do? The Voice of Justice in Sidewalk Ministry Volume Two. God Still Loves You…was a project co-authored with inner city teenaged youth. The series dealing with urban social justice response were published in late 2006 and made possible by a grant from the UMC Young People’s Division. Fidlin has penned a variety of articles for print & online media regarding her street ministry work and immigration.

Connected with the United Methodist Church, Ms. Fidlin serves on the Board of Hope for the Hopeless, an orphanage in Ethiopia, and is Chair of the Arizona Faith Network Public Policy Commission.



Tully Fletcher, Secretary Tully.Fletcher@gmail.com

Tully is the Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults at Orangewood Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Phoenix.

He spends a lot of time off of our campus, serving on community boards, delivering water to the homeless in a local park, and attending the activities of our youth.

Tully loves to spreadsheet, to drop furniture on friends, and to make up games for the youth to play–often the main purpose of these games is his own amusement. He attended UNC-Greensboro and Columbia Seminary and has been at OPC for 6 years.

In his spare time, Tully enjoys frippery!  Tully loves working with youth, reaching out in mission, and organizing stuff that is already mostly organized.



Randy Bowman, Treasurer rbowman@dscumc.org

Randy is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He is a CPA, licensed in the state of Arizona.Randy has over 35 years of accounting experience, including financial positions in public accounting, banking, real estate, and non-profit organizations.

He was the Assistant Treasurer for the Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church from November 2000 to June 2007 and has been the Conference Treasurer since July 2007. He has also served as a Finance Committee member of Arizona Faith Network and its predecessor organization, Arizona Ecumenical Council, for the past 10 years.

Randy is married to Reverend Susan Brims, East District Superintendent for the Conference. He has two sons (Alex –married to Nicole –and Adam) and one granddaughter (Riley).

Randy is an avid runner, cyclist, and swimmer.Although he’s not very good at these activities, they provide tremendous enjoyment for him.Running with his sons and friends is one of the highlights of his week.