Board of Directors

Any Denomination, Communion, Association, Conference, Convention, World Religion and/or Fellowship which is in good standing with its national and/or international body and has at least one active congregation in the State of Arizona and is able to affirm the mission of the Organization may become a Partner.

Each Denominational Partner has an appointed representative on the Board of Directors.  At Large Members of the Board of Directors are nominated from the Partner Membership categories of Congregations, Organizations, Ministrerial Groups and Friends.

The Executive Board (Officers) are chosen from the Board Membership.

Executive Board
President Rev. Michael Diskin Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix
(Term Ends 12/31/2018)
Vice-President Ms. Billie K. Fidlin Friend (2017)
Secretary Rev. Tully Fletcher IV Presbytery of Grand Canyon,
Presbyterian Church USA (2017)
Treasurer Mr. Randy Bowman Friend (2018)
 Board Members
Earth Care Commission Chair Ms. Sarah King Friend (2018)
Public Policy Commission
Ms. Billie K. Fidlin Friend (2018)
Theological Dialogue Commission Chair Ms. Elaine Pope Friend (2017)
 At Large Member Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman Friend (2017)
At Large Member Rev. Rock Fremont Friend (2017)
 At Large Member Mr. Randy Bowman Friend (2018)
At Large Member Imam Ahmad Shqeirat Islamic Community Center of Tempe (2017)
At Large Member Mr. Johnny Martin Sun Devils are Better Together (2017)
At Large Member Ms. Viri Hernandez Center for Neighborhood Leadership (2017)
Denominational Partner Fr. Zacharia Sarbekyan Armenian Apostolic Church
 Denominational Partner Rev. Doug Bland Christian Church in Arizona
(Disciples of Christ)
Denominational Partner Rabbi Jeremy Schneider Board of Rabbis of Greater Phoenix
Denominational Partner Pastor Don Shankster Church of the Brethren
Denominational Partner Ms. Joan Crawford Ecumenical Catholic Communion
Denominational Partner The Rev. Canon Richard N. Morrison Episcopal Diocese of Arizona
Denominational Partner Rev. Sarah Stadler ELCA Grand Canyon Synod
Denominational Partner Rev. Tully Fletcher IV Presbytery of Grand Canyon,
Presbyterian Church USA
Denominational Partner Ms. Gretchen Reinhardt Religious Society of Friends,
Arizona Half Yearly Meeting
Denominational Partner Rev. Michael Diskin Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix
Denominational Partner Mr. Gerrit Steenblik The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Denominational Partner Rev. James Pennington Southwest Conference United Church of Christ
Denominational Partner Rev. Dr. Mike Kerr-Osman Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church