Economic Inequality – 2016-17

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Statement on Proposition 206

Arizona Faith Network is an interfaith organization made up of partners from Christian Denominations, Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian Universalist and other faith traditions and organizations.

We devote our mission to bringing together people of faith, under the inspiration of God, as a bridge to understanding and action.  Many faith traditions lift up the inherent worth of all God’s people.

Work contributes to the dignity and worth of a person.  Furthermore, workers rely on the fruits of their labor to provide the materials needed for daily life. It is well known that the current minimum wage leaves many families in poverty and hardworking people in our synagogues, mosques and churches are struggling to survive.

We support the Arizonans for Fair Wages and Healthy Families Initiative because as people of different faiths, we believe that it is our moral obligation to ensure all individuals who work to support their families are guaranteed wages that allow them to put healthy food on the table, a roof over their heads and prepare for their children’s future.

When millions of workers labor day-in and day-out and still can’t afford basic necessities, it is our obligation as people of faith to purpose change that allows all families to thrive.  No matter what job is held, all jobs should provide the means for a decent living.

We believe that this initiative will help ensure that workers will be paid fairly and that their dignity is upheld while creating sustainable jobs that will help all to live healthy lives.

Rev. Erin Tamayor | Executive Director
Arizona Faith Network


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