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Public Policy Commission – July 2017 Meeting Minutes

Recent Statements by AFN and its Public Policy Commission:

A WIN FOR Arizona’s Children!


To quote Dana Wolfe Naimark, President and CEO of Children’s Action Alliance, “It was a hard-fought battle to lift the freeze on KidsCare, but Arizona’s families won.” And I would add specifically the children of Arizona won! In 2010 Arizona froze KidsCare. Politics over-ruled ensuring the availability of healthcare for all children, no matter how vulnerable their economic situation. But as of September 1st, those working families whose earnings exceed the level to qualify for AHCCCS and yet cannot afford the costs associated with going to a doctor through private or Health Insurance Marketplace plans, can now go to the doctor as needed. It is estimated that this will affect more than 30,000 children here in Arizona.

Please share the good news that KidsCare is BACK! Help AFN and Children’s Action Alliance spread the word that KidsCare is available and encourage Arizona families you know to get help applying. They may schedule a free appointment at or call 1-800-377-3536, or apply online at .

Our ASK? Your faith community might want to learn all you can about the process and then invite the people who live nearby to hear this good news and learn how to apply. You may want to distribute flyers with the information from the websites above – homes, grocery stores, zip code mailings – you know what to do! Information could be shared in your faith community programming, or with area preschools, day care centers etc.

Remember, together we can, and do, make a difference. Organizations and individuals raising their voices and amplifying the issues facing the citizens of our state. The return of KidsCare is a victory. Thank you Children’s Action Alliance for your good work! Thank YOU as advocates for your efforts in victories for our state!

~ Billie K. Fidlin
Vice President, Arizona Faith Network
Chair, Public Policy Commission